Is it Valentine’s Day yet? Because this shit needs to be cued up for some nice-n-slow love making. For real though….rose pedals, candles and a plethora of condoms would be included with this compilation if it existed in physical form. Shout out to Moose Records for putting this together!

1. Bear//Face – Taste My Sad 02:44
2. Catching Flies – Let Your Hair Down 04:42
3. Julia Losfelt – Mojo So Dope (Kid Cudi cover) 04:32
4. Atu – Still Here 02:23
5. Dream Koala – We Can’t Be Friends
6. Keadz – Or Jaune
7. Slamagotchi – Too Early
8. Mosaicc – Comatose
9. Leaks – The Only Place For You And Me
10. Kwala x Kondra Kasma – Goldblumer

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In a world where millions of .mp3s are released every second, finding exceptional music can be quite a challenge for a modern day web crawler. In response to this net crisis, we’ve established an elite team of hyperexploited aural laborers across the third world, streaming Soundcloud 24 hours a day. With great patience and care, their 7 favorite uptempo and downtempo tracks are chosen each month then outsourced to web art sweatshops where custom masterpieces are created to go alongside them. The result is a prestigious pairing of free internet music and art, forever yours to keep on CD-RW or MiniDisc. All thanks to the wonders of the www.


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